Smart ID Manufacturing Automation

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SMART Automation


... a series of equipments specially developed to support Reel-to-Reel RFID High Speed Flip Chip Process Automation.

... ACF Attach

... ACP or NCP Dispense

... Flip Chip Place/PreBond

... Final Bond

... Test

... Process Technology Package

Antenna web configurations in single or multiple rows are possible. Various die interconnect technologies are supported.

Numerous die feed methods are available ... specialised die-feeders, waffle-pack-trays, wafers etc.

..... modular work-cells

..... flexibility

..... vision guided placement

..... high speed on-the-fly vision processing

In this knowledge based economy, every customer has its own competitive proprietary technological or business knowhow ... we are glad to help you maximise your knowhow by specially customising to your needs

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